Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adidas or Nike?...

Ok so lately it has come up...which is better Adidas or nike? I happen to have both brands but was wondering what everyone else thought...

Thanks! ♥Becca

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So I have had the privledge of going with my cousin Scott wakeboarding lately!! It has been so much fun. Thanks Scott!! and here are some pictures! ♥Becca

Here I am

Rachael on one ski!!

Scott...he was cutting across the wake pretty fast

Scotts friend Kelli...She pretty much showed us all

Then last but not least...Whitney

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mariners Game...

So my uncle Chad got us tickets to the mariners game. That night I sat in 2 different places. 1. The suite. It was awesome!! Chad ordered food and drinks and the game was fun to watch. Then about half way through I went and sat at 2. The 2nd row from the field!! It was an awesome view! and I sat there by Rod, Tyson, Rebecca, and Trevor. When I was on the field the foul balls would come and everyone would stand up and try to catch it...but I happened to catch myself ducking...haha anyways thanks so much Chad!! It was fun. ♥Becca

Ryan and Rachael

Some of the group
The field

Ryan and Chad

#1 Mariners Fan!!

Tyson and I...we were so close to the field!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't Press...

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This could be entertaining?

Blog Layouts...

So I decided to switch it up a little bit and get a new layout. For those who would like to know I got mine from this website After you choose your template then you just go to layout and click HTML. Then past in the HTML from the website. ♥Becca

PS. You have to start over on everything other than the posts unless you go through and save it from the previous layout.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So today I had the privilege to be graced by the presence of none other than the Eriksons, Dave, my grandparents, and my awesome family. Since they are here, they of course had to come visit me at work. So I am usual...and about 20 people come in and my lovely uncle...or chuncle...starts to belt Happy Birthday...although he is a month the top of his lungs so everyone could hear him. Plus the night wouldn't have been the same if Brandon wouldn't have spilled Root Beer all over the place. Plus I am guessing you will be seeing some loving pictures of me working on "The Butler Bunch"...from my WONDERFUL Aunt Wendi...Thanks? Gotta love your relatives, right?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome to the world of being an adult?...

The whole graduating thing sounded like a WONDERFUL plan until this summer...when I guessed it A JOB. You can pretty much say good bye to all of your social life and hobby's because...little did you know. It becomes your only hobby. I have been working now for almost a year at good ol' Taco Time...and it has been a great place to work. The down side to it happens to be..I have missed every vacation my family has gone on. I don't see any of my friends anymore, and am tired all the time...but other than that...I AM GREAT!!!

Anyone else seem to have the problem where work is keeping you from all your adventures?