Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

So everyone has been asking me what I did on Valentines Day and I haven't written for a while so I figured I would just write it on my blog. So In the morning my roommate Jackie and I made crapes and invited a couple people over for breakfast. So we hung out and ended up watching the movie Definitely, Maybe. Good show...just need to cut out the first couple of mintutes. After that I got ready for the day and my bf Andrew came over. We ended up just hanging out for a while and waiting to go out for dinner. He told me that we were going to Red Lobster because we both like seafood and everything so we head out from my apt. and he says his mom needs us to pick up some butter from the store so we go to take it to his mom who lives in Orem, Ut. We walk in and he has a candle lit dinner all set up with flowers and everything. He made steak, lobster tale, and potatoes. It was so good! Then after that we went and saw He's just not that into you in the theaters and came back and I fell asleep. Anyways I thought it was really cute. Love you all! and I will try to start posting again! Xoxo Becca