Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Dress...

So we decided that we would take a couple of pictures before church last sunday so here they are!! Enjoy...oh and by the way I dyed my hair a redish like it?

Heather and I :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 Things about me!

Tagged by Steff

1. I am in college right now. I am in the middle of going to dallas roberts academy to become a hair dresser or cosmetologist.

2. I LOVE to watch tennis! It is one thing that I love to do...even though I am not that great anymore...its still way fun!

3. I miss the rain...I never in all my life thought i would ever say that!! I love the whole feeling of going outside and being able to smell the moisture. I miss everything being green! I miss going outside and puddle jumping. I even miss the sound of the rain on the roof or the house.

4. My dream in life is to go see Wimbledon. I would love to go to England and see the actual thing. Its not as good on TV!!!

5. I am more of the type of person who doesn't care what others think. I love to do my own thing and if others like it great...if not thats great too.

6. My best friends in life are Whitney, Heather, Aubrey, and Stevey. Whitney is my cousin who I have become so close to lately! I miss her so much and really wish she would come visit me! I also wish we could go wakeboarding every weekend again! Heather is also my cousin and roommate as well. We hang out all the time and its been way fun getting to know her better!! I love her! Aubrey, I met at school. Its been way fun getting to know her as well. She is from Las Vegas and had never seen snow before! It was way fun to watch her! :P Then last of all is Stevey. He is in my ward here in Utah. Fun to be around and we hang out quite a bit haha.

Sorry they are short sweet and to the point...Its kinda late. Enjoy

oh and by the way...Elisabeth and Cheryl your it!!