Monday, June 30, 2008

Shark fest update...

Guess WHAT?!?!

They MADE IT!!!

Overall the trip sounded amazing! I didn't manage to get down there since I am now working two jobs, but it sounds like they had an experience of a life time! Wendy and Lorri both said they would never do that again!! haha and my dad (Tracey) wants to go back and Steff would consider going back...and I am assuming Dave and Brian would go back too since they have done it before and it was their second time. They all had fun being together and they had some awesome sweatshirts as designed by Matt who also swam. (you can see them in the photo) and everyone kept asking where to buy good job Matt!! and overall the trip sounded awesome! If some of them go next year...I am determined to try and make it! anyways thats sharkfest...if you see any of them say congrats! Its a big accomplishment to swim 1.5 miles of ocean that is really cold!! until next time! ♥Becca

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shark fest update...

Well they have been swimming deep lake to get ready for shark fest which they leave for tomorrow...yeah TOMORROW!!! crazy! and yes I did say they someone has to have the job and stay home...haha well anyways they all swam across it and were saying how they felt good...keep you updated on their progress! ♥Becca
PS Feel free to comment and give them words of encouragement...haha

Friday, June 13, 2008


So I finally graduated from Enumclaw High School on June 9, 2008. Its so crazy that its already 2008...we have been yelling '08 DOMINATE for the past 4 years and we finally made it! Here are some pictures. ♥Becca

Coming out for the graduation ceremony
My Parents and I (ps it was FREEZING COLD!!)
Coty and I...we make a pair...I couldn't stop laughing
Laughing some more...and Coty being himself
Melissa and I
Until Then...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grad Party...

Thanks everyone who came! It was fun!

Cara, Caitlyn, and I
Until next time...


Prom was a blast! From being a senior class officer and learning to appreciate dances, programs, and such I learned what it takes to go to prom. For me the whole prom experience started off at the beginning of junior year. We started fund raising and picking out the prom site. Then it seems like millions of hours, $11,000 of fund raising, $30 a prom ticket, and selling around 380 tickets we were at prom. It was a wonderful experience and I loved going with the whole group! especially my dearest cousin Coty! (I am glad that you decided to come!) I also had a blast with my date Morgan. It was a wonderful end of my senior year and high school career. It is also the start of something (to be seen in future posts). Here are the pictures! Enjoy! ♥Becca

Prom was at Temple Theatre in Tacoma
Trying to get the pin in right...haha
The flower was perfect
Morgan and I
Us againThe whole group!
Left: Melissa Koontz, Coty Thomas, Anna Nelson, CJ Fitzpatrick, Becca McNeil, Patrick Favro, Maria Dion, Ben McNeil, Dion French, TJ Rockwood, Rebecca Butler (me), and Morgan Willis.
The Girls
The Guys
Melissa and I
Rachael (my sister), my mom, and I
Erin Ann and I
Morgan and IAndy and I
Evie and I
Until Next time...